Hello Russ & Matt! Thanks for having us! Let’s start from scratch… what made you get into the manufacturing of DJ & audio related products in the first place?

Russ and I met at the age of 11, when attending the same secondary school and have been scheming ever since. We went on to work together in our twenties and vowed to do it again someday. This happened in late 2016 when I floated my DJ desk concept to Russ over a beer. Russ being in a senior role in a renowned Royal Warrant holding bespoke joinery and fit out company we immediately saw the potential and sprang into action. We spent most of 2017, evolving the idea and prototyping, until late 2017 early 2018 we had finalised a design and created our first modular DJ desk, with an array of options.

Matt, you are a DJ with a long career…Who were the first artists that inspired your creativity?

I was lucky enough to play alongside several well-known DJs in the early 90s such as John Digweed, Grooverider, Pete Tong and more. My early influences come from a wide variety of sources. From my musical mentor and late father Bryan Clover to prolific hip hop and house music artists.

Russell you come from another angle, working with a high end joinery company. What made you particularly want to get into this venture?

As Matt mentioned earlier, we were keen to work together as we get things done and have fun along the way. Matt had the initial idea and I could see the potential in it and with Matt’s experience over decades in the industry I was convinced this solution solved many issues DJs currently face with cabling, sound and the presentation of their equipment. I have been able to apply my expertise in high end joinery to bring the concept to fruition.

We normally ask our guests for this section to tell us which was the first and last machines bought… In your case I’m not going to ask you this directly, but what has been the last project that you got involved with that has really meant a challenge for Idokodo’s offer?

Usually we supply DJ desks direct to DJs as a standalone piece of equipment that fits a space. We are currently developing a bespoke solution for Defected Records in London working alongside a refurbishment company. This is a little more in depth than our standard sale however with Russ’ experience in refurbishment fit outs this has been relatively straight forward and we look forward to our desk featuring in their upcoming live streams.

Let’s talk about the team. Who’s who at idokodo?

Russ and I run the show, make the tea, handle the sales, manage the website and oversee the joiners and finishers. We are a small entity with global ambitions.

We’ve explored your website and you seem have a range of three main products: The Reviewer, The Chameleon and The Chameleon Signature desks. What is the difference among each offer?

Let’s work through the range. Starting with the off-the-shelf Reviewer. This was conceived to provide a simple solution aimed primarily at hybrid DJs who constantly change their setups and disconnect for taking on the road. Although the desk is also at home with a couple of 1200s and a mixer. Think Richie Hawtin! Cabling is well taken care of and gets neatly tucked away underneath in the shatterproof tray. Despite its minimal appearance this thing has a good weight to it for even the feistiest DJ routine! The desk consists of a durable and raised wood effect grain surface and powder coated tubular steel framed legs.

Moving on to the Chameleon. This is a desk that bridges the gap between the Reviewer and our Chameleon Signature. Ideal for a DJ that has limited space to play with as the legs are far more minimal and utilise tubular steel legs similar to the Reviewer with the modular section principles of the Chameleon Signature. This is a mid-range elegant, comprehensive setup.

Now onto the first desk we created and the king of all DJ desks! The Chameleon Signature is my vision realised and delivered with Russ’ experience and expertise. A modular desk made up of two legs, a variety of sections and bespoke inserts to suit a massive array of different equipment and setups.

The Chameleon introduces the concept of modular furniture to DJ/production spaces. How this improve the way a DJ or producer can work in the studio?

Imagine the sound engineer in the club having the full suite of idokodo desk sections and components. He gets the various riders from the DJs with their requirements, prior to the event and picks the relevant sections from the rack and builds the most suitable desk setup for the DJs. All the kit is catered for and flush fitted with all cables not only hidden but audio and power cables are kept separate down the two cable routed channels. No more accidental pulling out of cables and the kit is not only presented beautifully it is well protected and ventilated. On top of this, the desk is solid as a rock and looks amazing! A flexible a diverse solution that is easy to change and gives the appearance of a permanent install. With regard to the individual DJ, the main reason I conceived the idea was due to my inability to stick with the same kit for longer than a few months. I found myself changing my own desk setup every time I changed my kit. You can imagine how costly and frustrating that became. The solution is to keep the same desk configuration and just order a new insert that fits my kit. So simple and easy to achieve a perfect finish for every kit variation I have!

What makes idokodo different from other offers in the market of audio furniture? Just by looking at the desks, we can tell idokodo is a large upgrade from the typical Ikea multi-task table all DJs buy when starting. Why is important to have a dedicated space for your audio gear?

Us DJs think nothing of spending many thousands on DJ equipment on a yearly basis, but more often than not sit these expensive investments on a rickety old couple of Ikea bookshelves straddled by an old off-cut of kitchen worktop. Normally always at the wrong height, not stable and in danger of crashing to the ground with every mix. We believe you mix station is your sanctuary and your kit deserves protection and displaying in the right way especially in this age of video mix streams. As already mentioned our modular and extendable approach is unique and bespoke to every DJ and the ability to add and amend your setup rather than replacing the whole thing is what sets us apart. We have also been very fortunate very early into the venture having forged strong relationships with companies such as Analog-A, Can Audio (Taula 4), Mastersounds, Varia Instruments, Rework DJ, Bozak, DJ Tech Hire and other major players in the industry. We are also proud to support the global house music radio station, Platinum Radio London. And of course, we are truly humbled to be invited in for this interview with the magazine I have been reading for decades.

Can you tell us which have been your most important clients to date? Or at least those that didn’t make you sign a disclosure agreement… who are you currently working with?

Ha ha, there are a couple that would like to remain anonymous, but Ian Hindmarsh from the International Analog DJ agency is an obvious one and I would say for being well known, Defected Records has to be right up there! And of course we are very proud to supply you guys with your own mixing sanctuary here in Madrid!

Do you ship to all of the world? What about Spain?

We primarily cover the UK but are able to ship to Europe and beyond. For overseas shipments we create a bespoke shipping crate to ensure each desk arrives safely. Each request is handled individually as we find our feet internationally.

How has 2018 been for you? What else do you have prepared for the year and 2019?

Hard work, exciting and humbling! A great year to kick of our enterprise and the response and support has been phenomenal so say the least (that’s the humbling part).

Thanks for your time, guys!

We appreciate the opportunity, thanks again for inviting us in today.